3D Printing Hype

3D Printing Insider Myths and Truths


Is the 3D Printing Hype Over?

Here are 10 European startups still betting on the technology

Nowadays, there are many real-world applications of 3D printing – from medical tools such as prosthetic limbs to building a 90-square-metre house or even making food. 3D printing can also be used in art and jewelry, where 3D scanning technologies allow for the replication of real objects without the use of moulding techniques. In the automotive industry, its application has led to the production of a supercar that utilizes many 3D printed components.

But what is 3D printing, anyway? 3D printing was first conceptualized by David E. H. Jones in 1974, when his idea was “printed” in the New Scientist. The technology was first realized in the 1980s when Chuck Hull designed and printed a small cup. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D-printed objects are created from a digital file and a printer that lays down successive layers of material until the object is complete.


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